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Spring 2019 Registration - Coming Soon

Spring 2019 registration for t-ball, coach pitch, machine pitch, kid pitch, Jr. Little League (13/14 year olds), and softball will is on the MPTLL website.  Parents will be asked if they want to sign up for the 2019 Booster club during registration as well as register their players for the upcoming season.  Be sure to read the FAQ's to learn more about the upcoming 2019 season.

Join the 2019 MPTLL Booster Club

The MPTLL Booster Club began in 2015 and the club has been instrumental to MPTLL's success by providing help in various areas. 2019 proceeds from the Booster club dues will help pay for the following items: Internet connectivity and video streaming equipment, THOR GUARD lightning prediction and warning system, field maintenance equipment (rakes, chalkers, etc...), and batting cages and additional L-Screens.  If you are not registering a player or you chose not to join the Booster Club during 2019 spring registration and you'd like to be a 2019 Booster member then use this form to join the club.  MPTLL appreciates the support!

posted 11/01/2018
Annual Park Cleanup - Help Wanted!

MPTLL will host our annual park clean-up / leaf removal date on Saturday, December 8th and we ask any and all volunteers attend.  This is a great opportunity for students, teams, or service clubs to log volunteer hours, or parents and kids who want to show their appreciation for all the hard work our grounds crew does throughout the year.  

by posted 10/24/2018
2019 League Calendar

MPTLL has published our 2019 calendar with important dates for the upcoming year.  Please note these dates are based on what we know now, and are always subject to change.  We continually update the calendar throughout the year as we receive additional information.

by posted 10/24/2018
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Field Status
Bissell Field - Charlotte TBD (11/18) 
Field 11 - Charlotte TBD (11/18) 
Field 12 - Charlotte TBD (11/18) 
Founders - Charlotte TBD (11/18) 
Grier Heights 1 - Charlotte TBD (11/18) 
Grier Heights 2 - Charlotte TBD (11/18) 
Independence Park - Charlotte TBD (11/18) 
Keith Field - Charlotte TBD (11/18) 
MP - Kiser-Chapman - Charlotte TBD (11/18) 
TBall 1 - Charlotte TBD (11/18) 
TBall 2 - Charlotte TBD (11/18) 
TBall 3 - Charlotte TBD (11/18) 
Wade - Charlotte TBD (11/18) 
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